Postpartum & Perinatal Therapy

Women are at a greater risk of experiencing emotional difficulties following the birth of a baby than at any other time in their lives. During the first year after childbirth many women experience increased anxiety, depression, sadness, excessive worrying, guilt, shame, and difficulty sleeping. The postpartum and perinatal period begins at conception and continues through the first year after giving birth. Postpartum distress can affect 15% to 20% of new mothers up to two years or more after having a baby.

At Insight Therapy Group, we have providers with specialized training to work with this unique population. Specialization in perinatal mental health requires years of experience and hours of specific training geared toward maternal and paternal mental health. Having a baby changes your entire world and family dynamic. For mothers and fathers following the birth of a child, relationships can be impacted and mental health symptoms tend to “take a backseat.” Extra stress, lack of sleep, and fear of navigating the unknowns of your new role are common. If you are a new or pregnant mom or new father struggling to cope, we can help you bring the journey of enjoying this new path you are on.


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