Therapy and Counseling Services

We treat individuals, children, couples and families with a wide range of mental health needs.

Therapy and Counseling Services

We treat individuals, children, couples and families with a wide range of mental health needs.

Telehealth Therapy Sessions

Insight Therapy Group is currently offering telehealth therapy sessions. We utilize an online therapy platform that provides users confidential support through an easy-to-use and HIPAA-compliant application that can be accessed through your computer or smartphone. Telehealth allows us to meet with you without direct contact to ensure your safety as well as ours. Virtual appointments will be scheduled with your therapist utilizing the application that will best meet your needs. Please contact us to schedule an appointment with a therapist from the safety of your own home.

Individual Therapy

We work directly with you to find an approach that meets your needs within individual therapy. Common challenges we help our clients address are depression, anxiety, exposure to traumatic events, grief and loss, and life transitions. You will work with your therapist to develop goals and a plan to help you reach them.

Children’s Therapy

We offer a variety of expertise and knowledge when it comes to therapy for children and adolescents. We offer guidance and assistance through divorce, school issues, compliance issues at home, anger management, depression, anxiety, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, exposure to traumatic events, grief and loss, and other adjustments. Some of our therapists have unique training in Play Therapy that allows us to work with children ages 3 and up. We feel strongly about family members staying active throughout the therapeutic process due to a child’s family being their main support and primary comfort zone.

Family Therapy

We offer family therapy with an understanding that family relationships have a significant impact on personal well-being. We work with families to help improve communication and problem solving, and to learn to manage conflict through the building of strengths and supports. Difficulties with parent-child conflict, blended family issues, and changes and transitions before or after adoption are some examples of situations we use family therapy to help clients through.

Couple and Marriage Therapy

Our therapists who offer marriage and couples therapy assist you and your partner by creating a neutral, safe and non-judgmental environment to help explore the very complex issues that many couples encounter. Couples may be dealing with issues such as infidelity, marital conflict, broken trust, lack of communication, or sexual barriers which may be causing strain and discord in your partnership. We work with you and your partner in a collaborative way to help find solutions and establish personalized goals to improve the quality of your relationship.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


How do I set up an appointment once I have decided therapy is the right option for me?

Once you have viewed the information on our website and select the therapist that best meets your needs, you may call the corresponding phone number on the therapist’s bio page and/or you may call Insight’s main number (319-382-8660) to have a therapist call you back to set up an appointment.


What can I expect at my first appointment?

The first session typically includes completing some minor paperwork and reviewing a few documents to understand your rights and responsibilities as a client. The rest of the session is available for you to tell your story to your therapist. We prefer that you come to your first appointment at least 10-minutes early to give yourself time to review and sign documents.


The first session or meeting with your therapist will involve your therapist conducting an assessment to gain more insight into how therapy can help you based on your specific and unique mental health needs.


How long is the assessment?

It depends on your needs. Most of our assessments are scheduled between 60 and 90-minutes. Assessments tend to take a little bit long in order to give you the opportunity to tell your whole story.


After my initial assessment, how often will I need to see my therapist?

Therapy sessions typically range from 45-60 minutes and usually start off as a weekly, or every-other week appointment. Most of the time therapy takes place more frequently in the beginning, and decreases in frequency over time.


How long will I need therapy?

The length of therapy is unique to your personal needs. Your therapist will take a collaborative approach in working with you to find the adequate number of sessions based on treatment goals and your specific needs. If you are coming in to help manage mild concerns, therapy may only take place for a few weeks or months. If you are coming in for deeper, more significant struggles, therapy may last for several months or even years. It’s important to remember that your therapist is here to work with you to meet your needs, and that your needs change over time. How long you attend therapy is determined by what your therapist recommends, and the progress you make over time.


How do I pay for therapy? Is there a cost?

Payment and co-pays:

It’s important that you bring your insurance card with you to your first appointment. If you normally have a co-pay when you go to the doctor, you will need to bring your co-pay with you as well.

(It’s very helpful if you check with your insurance provider prior to coming to your first session. Your insurance should be able to tell you if you will have a co-pay for therapy, and how much that co-pay should be.)